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Fritz Kreisler has two complementary tunes, Liebeslied (Love’s Sorrow) and Liebesfreud (Love’s Joy), which I understand were written as encore pieces. They are absolutely beautiful. I’ve heard versions played by Kreisler, Maxim Vengerov, and Joshua Bell. All are excellent.

Vengerov in this clip gets an exceptionally bold, yet sweet, tone out of his violin. There are some good clips of Bell on that site as well.

One thing about this short piece that’s interesting is the phrasing employed by different interpretations of the song. You can find the audio clips of Kreisler himself playing the piece, and while that may be what was “intended,” I see it as yet another interpretation of the work. The sly improvisational quality of European classical music can be expressed in more subtle ways than in jazz, for instance, and I’m only really beginning to appreciate it now in European classical. (I was never accomplished enough at the violin to achieve that level of individuality, I don’t think.) The genius of the work, along with a great deal of its value, lies in its ability to be adapted and interpreted.


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